How AI Push Notifications Increase Online Conversions


By Admin | Online Shopping

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Generation to generation our technology has gained limitless success in making human life simple. Human intelligence is added and programmed in machines such that it thinks like humans and also mimics actions that are used to make things solved fast and in a simple way is Artificial intelligence. In other words, creating an artificial version of human intelligence that can solve and help humans in a better and fast way.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence

In today's generation, everything can be done in a simple and fast way using Artificial Intelligence. From helping children in studies to helping adults in work as it helps to complete targets in the fastest way possible. Observing the current situation of the pandemic as we all know about covid-19 made us know the real importance of Artificial Intelligence as it helped us in completing our daily tasks by staying at our respective places. From ordering our daily needs like groceries, medicine, and much more online and getting done most of our work online. Artificial Intelligence has been very beneficial to marketers as everything is available online nowadays this is the best opportunity for a marketer to expand his business online.

Understanding push notifications

As technology has evolved everyone has access to smartphones and high-speed internet connection has helped marketing go digitally simple and is also very beneficial to the marketers. As it helps them gain more customers using Artificial Intelligence. Notifying customers about new products and attracting them to marketers' websites so they can engage with their customers and convert them to permanent customers is Push Notification. In other words, pushing a notification to customers' devices to gain his attention regarding the latest products or products that he had interacted with. For a better understanding here are few points

  •  Sending messages to customers who visited your website or have installed your application.

  •  Messages that customers interact with notifications.

  •  Adding interesting and engaging content like images, videos, GIFs to make your message engaging.

  •  Messages that have called to action features that can lead your customers directly to marketers' websites or applications.

Benefits of Push Notifications

As in marketing, being in contact with permanent customers and engaging with a new one is important. Worldwide there are 5.20 billion smart users and 4.66 billion internet users this shows and gives marketers a golden opportunity to reach their customers. Push Notification plays a key role while connecting to your customers and giving them relevant content or product that is of their interests. As smartphones can help us push some useful notifications that can be beneficial for customers and may convert customers into a permanent customer

Using Artificial Intelligence Push Notifications to increase trust and maintaining relations with customers

Trust is the most important factor that helps marketers to improve relations with customers. And the best way to build trust is by being connected to customers. Artificial Intelligence also allows the customer to block notifications that are not relevant to them. Marketers should be careful and should not send irrelevant notifications to the customers. As it disturbs customers that may be interested in any other product of marketer and can lead to disturbing trust and relationship between marketer and customer.

As there are two perspectives of Push Notifications 

  • Customer’s perspective 

  • Marketer’s perspective 


 Customers perspective

Being a customer a person would like to interact with things that are new to him/her but relevant and interesting. And also would like to see interesting content and medium like images, videos, GIFs. Notification should be a call-to-action type (call-to-action means notifications that can directly take you to the respective website or application and directly call if a marketers number is added). As it will be an easy and smooth process and not time taking it will maintain customer's interest but if it is not call-to-action button notification it can disturb customer's interest and lead to not taking action.

Marketers perspective

As a marketer has many responsibilities the first step should be to plan every task that has to be done in a date and time-wise schedule. Once it is planned the next task is to do segmentation of customers. Segmentation means to divide customers in a simplified way such that they can be classified into sections of interest, not interested and customers who visited the website or application but did not complete the task that could be counted as a conversion. So accordingly the Push notifications can be sent to different customers according to their segmentation. 

 Important Push Notification strategies that can help marketer in increasing customer conversion rate

  • The first and most important factor to build trust in customers, the marketer should understand customers' behavior and activities that are done by him/her on a website or application. That can help to make better marketing and Push Notification strategies, cause it is important to know which notification should be pushed in which customer's smartphone.

  •  As you understand the customer's behavior and interests you can then create the content of the message in a manner that gains the attention of the customer. 

  • As content starts from heading it is important to keep heading eye-catching so it can grab customer's attention.

  •  As many firms use movie’s dialogue and creative images. And some also use memes to attract attention but at the same time, one should be careful not to disrespect any other facts.

  • Last but not the least, a call-to-action button that makes it easy to visit your website for your customer. And is a very important element to make your customers experience better.


Artificial Intelligence is a great advantage that our generation has gifted us. And making use of it in the marketing field to help reach your potential customers by using different techniques such as Push Notification. Planning and modifying your plans when needed is what you need to be consistent in to find potential customers. Artificial Intelligence Push Notification thus helps you to bring more traffic to your website and potential customers. And if you are a customer will help you to get engaged with new content or products that may be more beneficial for you. So be consistent, see what's working and what is not and work on your weakness, and for sure will achieve targets and goals.