How Affiliate Tracking Softwares Increase Online Sales


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Affiliation means the relationship between two organizations or a person. Tracking means to follow the process of anything and soft-wares are the programs which are used by a computer to do its task. Now before jumping into what are affiliate tracking software in business we first have to understand the process of business.  Let’s have a brief introduction on a simple process of business of a merchant who wants to sell his grains into the market. There must be a buyer (clients/customers) who wants to buy grains. Grains here are the product which a seller wants to sell. A merchant is a seller.

To sell his product he (seller) has to go to different clients/customers and ask for a price. Then he has to compare those prices given by his customers and select to sell his product at the best price he’ll get. It seems to be simple and accurate but if we put more emphasis on it we will find many gaps in this process which is followed traditionally.
One of the major gaps is the area captured by the seller to sell his product. He did it manually so the area covered will not be much. He may select one of the buyers from his locality, but what if a buyer from some other region ready to buy at a much more price.  We all know that selling/trading of goods over the internet nowadays is very popular. With a few clicks, you will have your desired product, and also the main advantage of selling over the internet is there is no bounded area. We can check what is trending in America from the UK.

Now, what are affiliate tracking software?
This software helps in tracking the process of business activity getting generated through referral websites. 
Let’s understand it in a better way-

What are affiliates, marketers and advertisers?
These three are the constituents of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which we have links/ banners for a product. This link or banner can be clicked by an interested buyer to purchase that product.
In affiliate marketing, one can promote other companies' products. The one who is promoting a product can have also had a commission in every sale of that product.
Affiliates – Affiliate can be a person who helps in promoting other companies' products by convincing customers so that they will be ready to buy them. They are the link between customers and merchants.
Merchants- They are the one who owns a product or we can say the actual owner of the product.
Customers- Customers are the one who buys the product by clicking links or banners.
It mostly works with E-commerce websites.
Through affiliate marketing, it became easy to sell/buy now.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing-
  1. The area that can be covered by a merchant can be increased by this process as it will not limit to their localities only.
  2. To sell anything who should have great marketing skills. Sometimes it happens that the product is good but the merchant is not with the sale of his product because he doesn’t have enough marketing skills which are required to sell his product. So in this case merchants can take help of affiliates, who help them to sell their products.
  3. As a merchant, we can promote our product to our friends, relatives or our neighbors but in affiliate marketing, we can have several affiliates that will choose to promote or recommend a merchant's product in his locality, family, relatives and many more that ultimately helps in increasing the sale of the product.
Affiliate tracking software and how it is helping in increasing business-
1) AffTrack
2) Hitpath
3) Link Trust
4) Impact Radius
5) Click Inc
6) Has offers
7) Voluum
8) Cake
9) Post Affiliate Pro
These are some of the software that can be used in affiliate marketing.

Everything has its pros and cons and so we have in affiliate marketing.
Area of your sale is not fixed; you don’t need a proper office/warehouse and shop to sell your product.
As you don’t need a shop or warehouse you can do it by sitting at your house at a minimal cost. Only you need an internet or laptop/smartphone which can support this software. You can work as a merchant and affiliate at the same time with the help of these applications.
It is not limited to the category of product we have that means we have numerous types of products here.
Affiliates will not promote your product for free as everyone is here to earn. In this way the initial profit is low for merchants as the seller has to share a part as a commission to the affiliate. Competition increases with the ease in the process. You need to keep yourself calm. 
Customers have many options. As a customer, it is good to have some options in each category under one window but as a merchant who is trying to sell his product, it is difficult to stay upfront with the increase in his struggle.

How is this software helping in running a business?
They are based on links. Just clicking one link we have the entire specifications of the product. Through these applications, it became easy to manage traffic. One can put his entire energy in making business strategies rather than managing traffic. These applications also have a process as an affiliate management system which they have to follow. There are websites for this affiliate marketing that not only promotes digital products but also physical products.
By this, it will also help in creating new job opportunities and employment.
This affiliate tracking software is working as a communication system between affiliates, merchants and customers. Unlike in other big websites, affiliates are not going to own your product but only they help a merchant to sell his product by links and banners and in return, a merchant has to pay an amount to the affiliates. You can use any of the software which can help in accelerating your business.