Influencer Marketing Revolutionizing Online Shopping


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Advertising is an act, which makes a product and service known to a large audience. On the other hand, Marketing uses research and also data to align a product or service which are the best with the specific audience and also influences the audience to buy it. Influencer Marketing is a growing marketing strategy that is hard for brands to ignore in this day and age. It is much more impactful and effective than conventional marketing practices for brands for numerous reasons. Let's find out how to grow a brand using influencer marketing. 

Steps To Grow Brand With The Influencer Marketing:

There are some effective steps, which help us with our campaign-

Step 1- Need to have an End Goal.

Step 2- Choose the right Social Media Platforms.

Step 3- Choose the right influencers.

Step 4- Make the brand be an experience.

Step 5- Need to support a social cause with the influencers.

Step 6- Need to Collaborate.

Step 7- Obviously develop a hashtag.

Using Influencer Marketing, there are two most common reasons- 

  1. To elevate the awareness of the brand.

  2. Sales increase.

Instead of relying on the thousands of followers, influencers will help us to ensure an audience who is very targeted and who wants to be interested in the product reads and also engages with the content.

The pricing of Influencer Marketing can range anywhere from $1000 - $1 million on per post which is depending on if the person hiring micro or macro influencers as the pricing can also be negotiable. Some of the brands or businesses seek the help of an agency to help them.

Basically, the advertising industry is a global industry for marketing companies and public relations. Media services and advertising agencies, especially largely controlled today by just a few international holding companies like – 1. Omnicom, 2. Dentsu, 3. Interpublic, 4. WPP plc, 5. Publicis Groupe. It is also a global and multibillion-dollar business that connects the consumers and manufacturers. The range of the industry from nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Example Of Advertising Industry-

  1. Newspaper.

  2. Magazine.

  3. Radio.

  4. Television.

  5. Directories.

  6. Direct Mail.

  7. Outdoor and transit.

  8. Online(Facebook – Instagram – Newsfeed – WhatsApp – Twitter – LinkedIn and others).

Instagram is also a great platform which can execute the influencer marketing campaign as influencer prefer it. Bloglovin talked to 2500 micro-influencers and also found that Instagram is their platform that is most preferred for campaigns. 59% of the people say that Instagram is the most effective platform which can engage their target audience. Data from Musefind shows 92% of the consumers trust an influencer more than traditional or advertisement celebrity endorsement. Video found also that 33% of people said that influencers are the trusted sources when making shopping decisions. Another side, only 17% of people trusted their friends or family for the shopping recommendations.

Adidas, which is one of the most famous brands, is using influencer marketing to promote their products. Adidas also got in touch with the influencers to increase their reach on social media.

In 2020, influencer marketing is a trending phenomenon, about which everyone is talking. It has now also become a primary marketing tactic or is no longer limited to just a few agencies and brands.

Many of us feel incredibly close to the people we interact with and also the influencers we follow which is a natural instinct to want to relieve the emotional burden we feel when we know maybe we can help them. Influencer marketing is too much effective as it capitalizes on our most natural tendencies and emotions and desires. Another side, an influencer is not a simple one. It may take some months of hard work and patience before the results start to show.The key is to find the unique voice and also use it to create a unique image of the person as an influencer. Influencers with RS 50,000 to RS 80,000 followers get around $200.00 per post, but the price point also changes based on the advertiser. Some of the accounts make deals with the brands for posting promotional codes on their feed and every time a new person uses their code also and they make also a percentage (%) of the sale.

Here Are Some Of The Top Influencers On Social Media:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk.

  2. Guy Kawasaki.

  3. Neil Patel.

  4. Mari Smith.

  5. Jay Baer.

  6. Jeff  Bullas.

  7. Michael J.

  8. Mark Schaefer.

  9. Logan Paul.

  10. Jenna Marbles.

  11. King Bach.

  12. Tyler Oakley.

  13. Lele Pons.

  14. Amanda Cerny.

  15. Roman Atwood.

The digital space allowed influencer marketing to reach the right customer but it was also apparent that not all ad formats that worked in print translated well online. Influencer marketing involves researching the content to target the audience consumes and also identifying and engaging with, and also supporting the people who are able to have high conversations with the target audience. At the beginning of influencer marketing, many brands were still trying to wrap their heads around the effective ways of connecting with the target audiences by the new online platforms. Consumers had information at their fingertips due to the accessibility of the internet. They also began placing more value on authenticity. Here, influencer marketing came in clutch for the brands which were willing to try it. In a recent study by Forbes,it was revealed that 39% of marketers plan to increase their 2021 budgets for influencer marketing. At the end of the year, the whole influencer marketing space is also estimated to become a US$10 billion business. Influencer Marketing has truly become a viable strategy for brands.

There are four ways it has to change advertising in recent years-

  1. Word Of Mouth Over Celebrity Promotion.

  2. Influencers Are Not Billboards.

  3. A Premium On Authenticity.

  4. Brand Influencer Synergy.

Influencer marketing is also often used as a part of the branding as the image of the influencer gets transferred to the products which they endorse.

It is also their job for creating an identity for a brand and after that to reinforce that identity through the advertising platforms and also new product offerings. Most people have grown cynical towards advertising. According to them, it shows up in every conceivable place and also makes ridiculous claims and also plays to the most base instincts, and crowds out things that are more interesting and also essential.

In a world that is saturated with the advertising platform and it is hard for them to trust any of the claims that the marketers make.